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About Ryan Renteria and Stretch Five

Stretch Five founder Ryan Renteria provides personalized executive coaching services to CEOs, founders, and investment professionals.

Ryan’s approach derives from two decades of experience in studying and advising leaders as a hedge fund partner, NBA team advisor and executive coach.

Coaching leaders

Ryan helps senior leaders maximize their professional and personal performance and growth, and achieve impact, legacy and connection with their businesses and families.

He is referred by CEO clients to work with their C-suite executives, and to other CEOs in their networks. He is also referred by PE and VC firms to CEOs and founders of their portfolio companies.

Universities such as Stanford and Dartmouth’s Tuck Business School refer Ryan to their experienced alumni.

Evidence-based approach

Ryan’s approach to executive coaching services is based on years of research and experience around leadership and coaching best practices while:

  • deciding which CEOs to back during his time as a Wall Street investor
  • coaching CEOs in 1-on-1 and group situations
  • advising leaders from fund managers to NBA presidents, coaches, and players
  • serving on The Private Placement Group’s advisory board since 2014 and being certified in governance by the Private Directors Association
  • career coaching for a decade, including over 1000 pro-bono sessions with an average rating of 4.9 out of 5.

The approach also draws on Ryan’s own career progressions, leveraging mistakes made and lessons learned to help clients understand and avoid pitfalls.

Early in the interview stage I already knew Ryan was going to add significant value to the Pacers. In his early stages of growing our analytics efforts, I read all his analyses and enjoyed the unique insights and clear communication. I’m confident he’ll be quite successful using his skill set, passion and integrity to help executives take their growth to new heights.

Herb Simonowner of the Indiana Pacers; chairman emeritus, cofounder and former CEO of Simon Property Group

Ryan’s pathway to
CEO coach

Stanford, then Wall Street for 9 years

After graduating from Stanford with highest honors for academic excellence from Stanford’s Latino community, Ryan landed at Goldman Sachs in consumer sector equity research.

He then worked at two hedge funds, Balyasny and Karsch. He became a partner at Karsch at 25, serving as the managing director of consumer investments as the firm doubled assets over the next 5 years.

Making a difference

After a career of strong returns, Ryan decided to leave Wall St. at 30 to focus on charitable work. He spent two years volunteering at five children’s charities.

He later helped over 500 people as a volunteer empathetic listener on the support platform 7 cups (avg. rating 5.0 of 5), and became a fund partner of Social Venture Partners to support Sacramento charities.

Ryan Renteria, advisor to the Pacers

Advising in the NBA for 9 seasons

Ryan was then hired by the Indiana Pacers owner as a data science advisor. He advised Pacers’ executives on trades, draft picks, and free agents, and coaches on game strategies.

He was one of many who played a small role in helping the Pacers earn top-10 ranks in wins per dollar and wins above Vegas expectations, and two conference finals berths.

A lifelong sports fan, Ryan was part of the ownership group of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Double-A Minor League Baseball team and a potential Major League Soccer team.

From working on our IPO in 2002 to becoming a shareholder, Ryan challenged us with insightful questions around our strategy and growth initiatives. His guidance will help leaders aiming to grow their business and create a culture of well-being.

Ed Stackexecutive chairman and former CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods

My own goal is to find balance and intellectual stimulation. I value being able to hug my kids at school drop off, get a great sweat from a mid-morning tennis match, and have lunch with my folks in my backyard. I live the balance I champion with my clients.

Ryan RenteriaCEO coach

Talk to Ryan about coaching

If you are a CEO of a mid or large-sized business, VC-backed founder, or managing partner at a hedge fund, PE, VC, or real estate firm, arrange an exploratory call with Ryan.