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Individual executive coaching for CEOs

A specialist in individual executive coaching, Ryan Renteria helps CEOs, founders, and managing partners optimize their professional and personal performance.

Why CEOs choose Ryan

Through individual executive coaching with Ryan, leaders across a spectrum of businesses, often multi-generational family-owned, achieve new levels of impact, and establish greater connection in their businesses and families.


Years of studying and advising leaders

Top CEOs seek out best practices and lessons across industries, and value the diversity of Ryan’s experience.

  • Nearly all of Ryan’s clients are CEOs, so he specializes in CEO-specific issues.
  • Ryan coaches a group of 11 CEOs from a variety of industries. This gives him constant exposure to a diverse range of CEO challenges. Most have engaged him for individual executive coaching.
  • Ryan has studied and advised leaders as a hedge fund partner picking CEOs to back, an advisor to sports executives and coaches, and a CEO coach.

Evidence-based guidance

  • Ryan carves out extensive time for reading and listening to podcasts on  topics relevant to his clients. Between sessions he sends clients the key takeaways, saving them time.
  • Many clients share these takeaways with their C-Suite.
  • Ryan’s sessions make use of his extensive dossier, distilled from years of experience and research on leadership. Using this resource to help clients avoid mistakes and gain pragmatic action steps is central to Ryan’s CEO coaching practice.

Advancing your personal well-being

Ryan’s coaching approach also impacts key areas of your life away from work.

Wealth management

  • Investing philosophies
  • Long-term goals and asset allocation
  • Investing options including tough macro environments


  • Communication scripts, empathy, and listening
  • Enhancing relationships with life partners, children, and parents
  • Raising emotionally healthy, kind, and successful children

Reducing anxiety and stress

  • Anticipating with mental fortitude
  • Defusing when process or outcome goes wrong
  • Achieving work-life balance

Health and wellness

  • Attacking sleep issues with evidence
  • Automating nutrition on the go
  • Exercising with little time

Empathy and respect

Sensitivity to the pressures experienced by CEO clients is central to Ryan’s coaching.

Ryan works to be a trusted confidant with whom it’s possible to share challenges, fears, and desires without reservation.

  • Having endured many of the same challenges faced by his clients, Ryan makes them feel heard, understood and calm through empathetic listening.
  • Ryan exposes his own vulnerability, using adversity he has faced, mistakes he has made over a 22-year career, and lessons learned to save clients time and costly mistakes.
  • Ryan’s open approach often results in clients beginning their coaching with professional topics before shifting rapidly to personal matters as their trust in him solidifies.

In the three short years that Ryan has been my CEO coach, he has helped me immensely and I feel fortunate to be working with him. Yes, Ryan is brilliant. Yes, he has the real-world experience of three very successful careers under his belt. Yes, he is the most well-read person I have ever met and is the closest thing I know to ChatGPT with a pulse. But what really sets Ryan apart is his integrity and his heart. He genuinely cares about helping leaders in their search for balance, so they can drive positive change in their organizations without burning out or sacrificing their personal relationships along the way.

Trenton MayolCEO and president of Pacific Southwest Container, formerly at Andreesen Horowitz

My time working with Ryan has provided valuable insights and guidance both personally and professionally that I use daily. He consistently challenges me to reflect on my purpose as a husband, father, and the leader of an organization to ensure the proper alignment of time, initiative, and effort. Ryan is one of the most well-read people I know so it is fitting that he now is sharing his knowledge, experience, and perspective with all of us through his book.

Ryan LucchettiCEO at Pacific Coast Building Products

What separates his book from others in this genre is the immediate applicability of the ideas. My life has changed for the better because his transformative ideas are so easy to adopt. Ryan is an incredible executive coach, and his book reflects that same excellence in every chapter!

Lokesh Sikariafounder and managing partner of Moneta Ventures; former CEO of Sparta Consulting and Rapidigm

Ryan has become an invaluable asset to our peer group who pulls upon real world experiences and extensive review of literature on a wide range of topics to coach us and provide the most pertinent advice. One of the most well-read individuals I have come across, he has advice ranging from parenting and sleep habits to negotiating and business strategy. Self-made, motivated, and engaging.

CEO and team ownersports franchise

Ryan is an exceptional and highly impactful coach. He has the rare gift of knowing how to create self-awareness of issues by asking the right probing questions, and when to shift to offering helpful advice. His diverse experience, drive to improve himself and others, and unique data-driven insights give him wisdom well beyond his years. He is approachable, non-judgmental, and highly professional. I value his guidance, mentorship, and counsel a great deal.

cofounder and managing partnerprivate equity and M&A advisory firm

Ryan brings a very broad and valuable amount of knowledge to his executive coaching services that are derived from his deep research. I find Ryan to be a personable, vulnerable, and approachable coach. His proprietary process will greatly benefit any executive seeking to gain an edge in their personal and professional pursuits.

CEOreal estate development and investment company

How individual executive coaching with Ryan works

Ryan takes great care when accepting new clients, making a considered judgment for both their good and his own as to whether the relationship is likely to succeed.

Every client is coached one-to-one by Ryan himself. We do not engage other coaches.

Ryan takes on fewer clients than capacity would allow. This selectivity allows him to respond to clients quickly and thoughtfully between sessions to address urgent issues, rather than wait until the next session.

This also creates flexibility for clients to shift sessions around or take a session from anywhere in the world as these are conducted via Zoom or by phone.

All clients are accepted on a retainer basis, and the commitment is 1 month at a time.

Talk to Ryan about coaching

If you are a CEO of a mid or large-sized business, VC-backed founder, or managing partner at a hedge fund, PE, VC, or real estate firm, arrange an exploratory call with Ryan.