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Ryan Renteria. One of today’s top executive speakers.

It’s not easy to find a speaker who can truly impact an audience of senior leaders. Ryan has the credibility to gain their attention, the engaging and energetic style to hold it, and the relevant takeaways that inspire them to improve key areas of need.

Helping leaders improve leadership, communication, and talent management

As one of the top executive speakers, Ryan Renteria delivers high-value takeaways through unique expertise and a memorable speaking style that inspire corporate executives, senior-level investment professionals, and other leaders to improve performance outcomes.

He has been speaking since 2009, securing an average speech rating of 4.8 out of 5.

3 reasons why buyers and planners choose Ryan

Few of the top executive speakers share the diversity of Ryan’s experience

  • Ryan spends his days coaching CEOs and other leaders on his 3 speaking topics – leadership, talent, and communication – giving him the credibility to earn the attention of senior-level audiences. Along those lines, Ryan was accepted to be a speaker to CEOs in YPO, and is referred by VC and PE firms to their CEOs.
  • He spent 9 years on Wall Street evaluating CEOs and companies on these 3 speaking topics as a hedge fund partner. His fractal knowledge of financial services earned him invitations to speak to audiences such as Goldman Sachs, Balyasny, and Columbia Business School. His stories of investing mistakes, losses, and cross-industry lessons surprise and engage audiences.
  • Ryan’s entire Wall Street career was focused on the consumer sector. This expertise in consumer-facing businesses has earned invites to speak to executives of large consumer companies.
  • He spent 9 years with the Indiana Pacers of the NBA, advising and studying a different set of leaders: front office executives, coaches, and players. This experience yielded unique and memorable stories that entertain sophisticated audiences.

We asked Ryan to come speak to our investment professionals as we are continually trying to find ways to improve our process, generate quality ideas and innovate to stay ahead and produce returns for our investors. Ryan has a very clear understanding of our business and so it was easy for him to connect with our team. His presentation was well thought-out, impactful and provided the audience with actionable takeaways that benefited the firm right away. Ryan is a great speaker and we will certainly look to have future engagements with him.

Travis Owendirector, Balyasny Asset Management

Ryan leverages research on audience engagement

  • Ryan did a deep dive on the science of effective speaking before his first speech in 2009. He asks clients about their audience, challenges, and desired outcomes so he can customize elements to maximize ROI.
  • He does not use boring PPT slides cluttered with a lot of 6-font bullets. High energy, authentic stories with mistakes and lessons, and topical expertise create engagement, connection, and trust.
  • This helps Ryan create an impactful experience that is emotional, unique, and memorable.

Ryan is a special talent and a special person. He is sharp, incisive, disciplined, and thorough. Ryan addressed our entire group at Goldman, owning the room with war stories and investing insights and inspiring a group of high achievers to try to follow in his footsteps.

Matthew Fasslerformer chief strategy officer at XPO Logistics and MD at Goldman Sachs

Ryan has expertise in speaking virtually

Ryan conducted a deep dive to develop expertise in delivering compelling virtual speeches. This requires a very different process and style than traditional speaking.

He uses polls, NBA trivia, and physical movement to bolster interactivity. He includes video, music, and unique stories from the NBA and Wall St. to maximize engagement.

Shortly after a virtual talk, Ryan received 3 emails from the hosts:

  • “Your ability to present is unmatched. The management team is pulling on a lot of the key messages from your talk.”
  • “That was an awesome presentation! You nailed it. My boss pinged me when you were halfway through telling me you were doing a great job.”
  • “Loved your talk! It really resonated with me.”

Really interesting - super dynamic. Like how you connected the basketball talk to the investment side. Motivating!

Audience review

Brilliant presentation. You’re a compelling public speaker.

Audience review

Motivational and inspirational talk. I found your advice extremely helpful.

Audience review

Really kept the audience engaged and interested. It was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Great job!!!

Audience review

Speaking with Ryan:  how it works

Ryan has a professional speaking process designed to minimize hassle and risk for the host.

Speaking topics

Swipe the talk titles below to learn more about each of Ryan’s 3 core speeches

Speaking topics

Learn more about each of Ryan’s 3 core speeches below

1. Train, Truth, Trust: The 3 T’s of Transcendent Leadership

You have good intentions to scale your team the right way, and you know you must elevate your leadership to do it. Yet, few employees risk giving the boss critical feedback, so you don’t know what to change. What if the key to making that quantum leap is a contrarian style of leadership that few leaders execute? What if this style surprisingly creates better work-life balance? This talk will change how you think about the leadership needed to maximize growth.

Ryan gives actionable takeaways, for the CEO to newly minted leaders, to upgrade your leadership. You’ll leave with an array of action steps for creating an environment of learning, candor, and trust.

This is a unique talk shaped by Ryan’s 21 years of studying and advising C-Suite executives & NBA leaders. Memorable stories from pro basketball & Wall Street will keep you engaged.

2. It’s H.A.R.D. to Hire, Attract, Retain, & Develop Talent: Upgrade Your Process and See Big Progress

You want to attract, retain, and develop A players that fit your team. Yet, you’re struggling due to labor shortages, tough competition for top talent, different values of the younger generation, or current employees harming your cause. If unsolved, you know market share & EBITDA goals will be harder to achieve. What if changing your hiring process would land you more A players? What if upgrading your retention and development practices would slash costly turnover? This talk will change your thinking about how to optimize your talent management.

All levels of leaders will leave with evidence-based takeaways on finding fits for your team, executing innovative interview and reference diligence, and profoundly improving your team’s productivity.

This talk is backed by the science of human capital management and 21 years of lessons from Ryan’s experience evaluating and advising chief executives, and working with NBA executives, coaches, and players. You’ll enjoy some unique stories from the hedge fund and NBA worlds.

3. Communicate to Elevate: 3 Clear Keys to Catapult Your Performance

We dedicate our lives to mastering the fundamentals of our craft. Yet, something is holding us back from reaching new heights. It’s a huge driver of conflict, unhappiness, demotivation, turnover, and hindered performance. What if the key to unlocking full potential is in something that received little emphasis at our good schools and professional training? This talk will change how you think about communication as an X-Factor to maximize performance.

Ryan gives concrete takeaways, for the CEO to newly minted leaders, to change how you communicate with those you lead and manage up. You’ll leave with processes for inspiring buy-in and loyalty, selling ideas to build collaboration and influence, and maximizing outcomes when things go wrong.

This is an engaging session with no kumbaya fluff. It is backed by the science of influence and 21 years of studying – and making painful mistakes communicating with – world-class CEOs/CFOs, large investors, and NBA executives, coaches, and players. You’ll be entertained by some memorable stories from investing and basketball.

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